How can I return a product?

Returns accepted within 7 days from the date of purchase, on condition that the packaging and product are intact. Note also that if the product does not deserves replacement because of a problem, the shipping cost of the return is paid by the client. In case the above conditions are not satisfied returns will not be accepted.

To change defective products you must necessarily fill in the form below. Please note that a change made ​​after the verification and confirmation of the defect respective official dealership or manufacturer.

How can I return a product?

Before returning a product, please first contact us with your details and return purposes.

Contact Customer Service by phone or e-mail to discuss your right to return the product to proceed with the completion of your return.

Call us: (+30) 210 68 49 335

or via e-mail at:

Mon-Fri: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

When can I return a product?

Our refund policy is in accordance with the rights and remedies contained in the published terms of use, and in case of conflict between the terms of use and this policy, the terms and conditions will prevail.

For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this policy will not affect or alter your legal rights to cancel your purchase in accordance with the published terms of use.

If you change your mind ...

If the products do not satisfy you and want to return to us or exchange them with others, the following conditions apply:

You must inform us in writing of the cancellation.

The goods must be returned within 7 working days of receipt. If the goods have been received over 14 days ago and was less than three months since was buying them you can also return them, but a handling fee will be charged.

Customer Service should be contacted before any return to create the necessary reference the return/cancellation.

All items must be returned in their original packaging and without being unsealed to allow for a full refund. We reserve our right to charge for repackaging where appropriate.

Shipping costs for unwanted returns will be charged to you.

The transport packaging should be sufficient for the transfer method. We can not accept any responsibility for damages caused by the carrier.

Your return should be accompanied by proof of purchase, your name, address and telephone number, order number (most of this information is detailed on the receipt or invoice). We would appreciate it if you enclose information on the reasons you want to return the product.

If the product is defective ...

If goods are defective or have become defective and are within their warranty period, please contact us with details of the fault. The Customer Service Department will contact you and will ensure that your products are returned to us for repair - or will offer you the possibility of their replacement if repair is not possible.

If the product is damaged during transportation ...

If you receive any parcel from us that has obvious hits from the transfer and / or contains damaged goods or possibly damaged goods this should be communicated to the Customer Service Department as soon as possible , but not later than 7 days from receipt , which will arrange for return and replacement. If you use a damaged product , regarded as acceptable by you and you only are entitled to be repaired and not replaced. Please provide the details of any damage. The Customer Service Department contacts you will ensure that the products are returned to us for replacement.

If you received the wrong product ...

If the contents of delivery differs from what is expected or what's written on the receipt or invoice, please contact us indicating the product that you should have received and the data that actually shipped. The Customer Service Department will contact you for returning and replacing it without your expense.

If something is missing from your order ...

When a mission to you is incomplete , please contact customer service within 7 working days and will gladly arrange for the completion of your order .

In case of refund , the refund will be completed within fifteen days from the date you receive the products . After 10 days , responsible for any claims made ​​by the official delegations of Greece for the brands they represent.