You can order our products or our services in the following ways :


1. By ordering from our web site – 24 hours a day .

  • Select the products that interest you through search mechanisms or by various sections . Clicking on a link [ Add to Cart] of a product you are looking for and it will be added to the electronic '”shopping cart “.
  • Then follow the simple steps that the form asks you to do, to complete your order.
  • In this way you will switch to a a secure connection (SSL 256 Bit) - certified by the largest certification organization-where you will be asked to specify a method of payment and shipping.
  • The shipping time varies from 1-4 working days for products that are ready for delivery depending on the time period and the workload of the department missions - courier.
  • CAUTION ! The availability of a product may not be final, subject of possible incorrect information from our suppliers or wrong counting of the product in our warehouse . In any case the shipping department will contact you for your information.

2. Via e-mail

  • Order via e-mail at 24 hours a day.